IMG_8106.jpgA Simple, Innovative Solution to a Costly Problem

Crushed sidewalks and broken curbs are a common problem on construction sites  costing contractors, developers and new homeowners tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Avoid those needless costs with RENN Ramps!

RENN Ramps are proven, patent-pending technology that protects sidewalks, curbs and boulevards from the crushing weight of construction equipment. RENN Ramps eliminate enormous repair costs and increase profitability.

Tested and Proven Ramp Design

RENN Ramps offer a low-profile, stable design that:renn-ramps-images-002.jpg
  • Is engineered and certified to carry a weight of 23,000 pounds per axle.

  • Ensures zero damage and zero contact with the sidewalk or curb as heavy equipment rolls over it – every time!

  • Provides a safe, easy crossing for heavy vehicles on construction sites, and a safe passage over oil and gas pipelines.

  • Has been tested on construction sites for three years in all weather conditions, with 100 per cent success!
  • Can be adjusted to 8', 10' or 12' widths.

  • Features wide duck feet for easy equipment access where a tight turning radius is required. A ribbed, cleated and anti-slip surface ensures maximum traction in wet or icy conditions. 

  • Is an industry breakthrough; until now, dirt ramps were the only option to protect sidewalks from heavy equipment.

Say Goodbye to Dirt Ramps!


Dirt ramps pose many problems:

  • Dirt ramps pose safety risks due to flying rocks and debris as heavy trucks drive over them.

  • They often fail because they’re seldom built high enough or long enough to properly disperse the weight of heavy equipment.

  • They flatten out, leaving sidewalks in pieces.

  • They dissolve into muddy messes when it rains, often plugging storm sewers which then require a hydrovac to clean them out  creating higher costs!

RENN Ramps Pay for Themselves


Replacing one broken sidewalk square can cost thousands of dollars. On most construction sites, multiple sidewalk blocks are damaged. Preventing just one broken square can cover a RENN Ramp rental for an entire building project. Preventing two broken blocks immediately turns needless costs into profit.

The cost savings with RENN Ramps is huge; and the cost-to-completion of building a new home is drastically reduced!

To inquire about leasing or purchasing RENN Ramps for your construction site:

In Southern Alberta, contact:

Kenton Hilsabeck
Arete Ltd.
Phone: 403-708-3415
Email: kenton(at)

In all other regions of Canada and the United States, contact the manufacturer:

RENN Mill Center LP
Phone: 403-784-3518
Email: rennmill(at)

RENN Ramps are engineered and manufactured by RENN Mill Center LP In Alberta. RENN has been designing and building industrial and agricultural equipment for industries around the world for more than 20 years.